Nireekshana / Samadhan
Nireekshana' the Telugu language TV show and 'Samadhan' the Bengali language TV show addresses various issues faced by people in their daily lives
Counselling Centre - Nireekshana
The Counselling Centre is a place where people can call in, share what is on their minds and receive comfort, guidance & strength to face life in these times of high pressure. The Counselors are available to listen to stories of victory, joy, transformation, healing and thanksgiving.
Ek Nayee Zindagi / Ik Navi Zindagi
Ek Nayee Zindagi, the Hindi language TV show and 'Ik Navi Zindagi' the Punjabi language TV show addresses social ills like addiction, anger, broken marriages etc. and it focuses on issues faced by people in their daily lives
Counselling Centre - Ek Nayee Zindagi / Ik Navi Zindagi
Ek Nayee Zindagi, the Hindi language TV show and 'Ik Navi Zindagi' the Punjabi language TV show addresses social ills like addiction, anger, broken marriages etc, focusing on issues faced by people in their daily lives and providing solutions that are lasting
Verse of the day
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight".

TV Shows

  • Ek Nayee Zindagi(Hindi)
  • Nireekshana(Telugu)
  • Samadhan(Bengali)
  • Ik Navi Zindagi(Punjabi)

Ek Nayee Zindagi Monday to Friday 6.30AM

Nireekshana every weekday except Thursday at 6.40 am

Future episodes coming up...
29th June'15
Suffering because of your faith?
Suffering is part of our lives and we need to accept it. Sometimes we suffer pain and humiliation for what we believe in, because of our faith or our convictions. We often wonder; is this suffering needed?
30th June'15
Don't criticize lest you be criticized
We Maximize the sins of others by blowing small things out of proportion. We become overly critical of others, searching for faults and end up making quick, hasty, negative conclusions. It's easy to see other's faults than our own and pointing...
1st July'15
Is ill health troubling you?
Rinku Devi gave birth to Reshma, a baby girl after 5 long years of married life. All of a sudden, something seemed to be terribly wrong with their daughter. Reshma was diagnosed with a serious illness. Watch to find out what followed…

3rd July'15
The blessings of a joyful heart.
Proverbs reveals to us that our attitudes affect the physical state of our body as health and emotions are linked. A positive and optimistic outlook on life pays dividends in a healthy body and a healthy complexion. Watch to find out more…
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Samadhan Saturday at 6.30AM

Future episodes coming up...
6th June'15
Do You know the power of Prayer?
Sisir Wood from Siliguri never lived a life worthy of his Christian upbringing. He chose the easy route, developed high contacts and amassed wealth. But one event changed the course of his life. Let's hear Sirsir's real life story…
13th June'15
The power Of Forgiveness in Marriage
Sumitha Baidya witnessed domestic violence at home and saw her mother suffer. She hoped that it would never happen in her own married life. So she married a person of her choice but it was not like what she had expected. Let's...
20th June'15
Did you know alcohol affects your health?
Pinaki Chowdhury from Kolkata tasted alcohol when he was a teenager out of curosity and the influence of his friends. Very soon the occasional drinks lead to regular drinking which later ended up as an addiction.
27th June'15
Are you spending more than your income?
It is important for an individual to work, earn an income and know how to manage finances. But there are people who spend a lot of money, even when they do not work or earn anything at all! Lucky Khammam was just like that; he didn't earn an income...
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Ik Navi Zindagi Monday to Friday 12.30PM

Future episodes coming up...
29th June'15
Wrong company?
How much does wrong company impact one's life? Harry was in the hospitality industry and ended up in wrong company. One day he saw a vision, which changed his life. Watch to know...
30th June'15
Education can bring change!
Fr. Jacob is the principal of St. Xavier’s school, Patna. Watch him as he shares his views of how education can bring the needed change in society.
1st July'15
Can success give you peace & joy?
Kailash Kanta and her husband together performed magic shows after marriage. Their married life went well for few years but after that there were many problems between them.
2nd July'15
Is there a way out?
There was brokenness, sin and need in Shelton life. At the age of 19 he received someone who changed his life. Watch to find out who was it and how did his life change.
3rd July'15
Do you have an ambition in life?
Sourojit lived his life without any ambition and direction in life for many years. He also faced a lot of performance pressure. Unable to share his feelings and emotions with anyone he spent...
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