Nireekshana / Samadhan
Nireekshana' the Telugu language TV show and 'Samadhan' the Bengali language TV show addresses various issues faced by people in their daily lives
Counselling Centre - Nireekshana
The Counselling Centre is a place where people can call in, share what is on their minds and receive comfort, guidance & strength to face life in these times of high pressure. The Counselors are available to listen to stories of victory, joy, transformation, healing and thanksgiving.
Ek Nayee Zindagi / Ik Navi Zindagi
Ek Nayee Zindagi, the Hindi language TV show and 'Ik Navi Zindagi' the Punjabi language TV show addresses social ills like addiction, anger, broken marriages etc. and it focuses on issues faced by people in their daily lives
Counselling Centre - Ek Nayee Zindagi / Ik Navi Zindagi
Ek Nayee Zindagi, the Hindi language TV show and 'Ik Navi Zindagi' the Punjabi language TV show addresses social ills like addiction, anger, broken marriages etc, focusing on issues faced by people in their daily lives and providing solutions that are lasting
Verse of the day
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

TV Shows

  • Ek Nayee Zindagi(Hindi)
  • Nireekshana(Telugu)
  • Samadhan(Bengali)
  • Ik Navi Zindagi(Punjabi)

Ek Nayee Zindagi Monday to Friday 6.30AM

Nireekshana every weekday except Thursday at 6.40 am

Future episodes coming up...
30th Mar'15
Are you happy in your marriage?
Right from the start of their marriage Anand Rao and Pushpaleela had problems understanding each other and their marriage was shaky. Soon it seemed that death was a better choice than living together.
31st Mar'15
Why do you pray?
Prayer is a ritual or a habit to some of us while others pray because of compulsion, fear or faith. Supriyo Mondal, had a very different reason to gather for prayer. Did he ultimately find a real purpose for his prayer? Let’s meet him and find out.
1st Apr'15
Finding a way in the dark world.
There are several reasons for blindness. Elisha became blind as a teenage boy and it was something unusual and unexplainable. Elisha was struggling with hopelessness in his dark world until he found his light in Jesus Christ.
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3rd Apr'15
How can we atone for our sins?
If we all are guilty of sin, how do we atone for our sins? Are all the rituals and sacrifices that are practiced enough? Are they acceptable to this Holy God? If not, then what can atone for our sins? Watch to find out God’s great redemption plan…

Samadhan Saturday at 6.30AM

Future episodes coming up...
28th Feb'15
Living Word of God.
It is said that the only Bible others will read is in your life. This is what happened to Dr. Pritipal Singh; he saw his christian wife live out the Bible in her day to day life, let’s see what impact this made on his life.
7th Mar'15
Is the well-being of women important?
The fact that God cared for her made Khukhu place her complete trust in Jesus Christ. She was assured that HE would carry her through her difficulties. Let’s watch Khukhu Chandra’s...
14th Mar'15
Coping with the loss of a loved one.
Margaret loved her daughter more than her own life, but one fateful day Margaret’s daughter met with a horrible accident. She prayed fervently for her daughter’s recovery but her daughter died...
21st Mar'15
Healing in Jesus Name!
Shivam Palit suffered from Thalassemia, a form of inherited blood disorder that is life threatening. He lived in constant pain, fighting infection and disease without hope, but one day...
28th Mar'15
Do you need a place of safety?
Iqbal Mashi was shot thrice by unidentified men; he was scared and depressed. In a seemingly hopeless situation, with no one to turn to; Iqbal called on the only name that could save him!
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Ik Navi Zindagi Monday to Friday 12.30PM

Future episodes coming up...
30th Mar'15
A difficult journey!
After his studies Astem wanted to be a pastor. It was not an easy choice. His difficult journey taught him many things. Watch this story to see his interesting journey.
31st Mar'15
Dedicated for others!
George Varghese dedicated his life to serve the underprivileged. Was his journey easy? Let's find out from him.
1st Apr'15
Insecurity of his future made Sameer compromise on the values he was raised up with. Disappointment and addiction followed. One day, on his way to his construction site...
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2nd Apr'15
Impacting community!
Raji James is an inspiration to many in the society as he works with the vision to empower underprivileged women and children in society. Watch him share his journey to empower others.
3rd Apr'15
On this Good Friday, Rev F.W Philips shares on forgiveness of our sins. And how we can have everlasting life. Watch and be encouraged.

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Special Episodes to Watch on
Ek Nayee Zindagi / Ik Navi Zindagi

His difficult journey taught him many things. Watch Astem on 30th Mar’15 on Ek Nayee Zindagi on
Sony TV at 6.30 am

Special Episodes to Watch on Nireekshana

Are you happy in your marriage? Watch Anand Rao and Pushpaleela on ‘Nireekshana’ on 30th March’15 on Sakshi TV at 6.40 am to know if they were able to restore their broken relationship.

Special Episodes to Watch on Samadhan

Do you need a place of safety? Watch ‘Samadhan’ on 28th March’15 on ETV Bangla at 6.30 am

Workshop on “Apna Swaasth Apne Haath” “Health in your Hands”

CBN Foundation organized a workshop “Health in your Hands (HIH)” on 13th March’15 in C- Action tuition center, Tuglaqabad- Delhi.

In this workshop women and children were given instructions with demo on how to wash hands and a cartoon film was shown to them on Good touch & Bad touch. Followed by some guidance for the mothers.

On 19th March 2015 the HIH awareness programme was conducted in Biharipur village. Instructions were given with demonstrations on how to wash hands and on First Aid for Burns. 40 women & children attended the programme.

Health in your Hands team was in Jeevan Vriksha OPD, Chandanholla - Chattarpur on 24th March 2015 where awareness was given on First Aid for Burns & taught on how to brush teeth. 47 women & children attended the programme."
Winners of Quiz on 'Ek Nayee Zindagi' by Pastor Samir on 25th March' 2015 - click here

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Special Prayer Friday!

Help! Bring water to the thirsty.

In many Indian villages muddy, unclean water is shared by buffaloes & people alike. 85% of India’s population depends on ground water. Groundwater in one-third of India’s 600 districts is not fit for drinking as the concentration of fluoride, iron, salinity and arsenic exceeds the tolerance levels. read more
If you know of a remote area where water is desperately needed click here for assistance.

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