Nireekshana / Samadhan
Nireekshana' the Telugu language TV show and 'Samadhan' the Bengali language TV show addresses various issues faced by people in their daily lives
Counselling Centre - Nireekshana
The Counselling Centre is a place where people can call in, share what is on their minds and receive comfort, guidance & strength to face life in these times of high pressure. The Counselors are available to listen to stories of victory, joy, transformation, healing and thanksgiving.
Ek Nayee Zindagi / Ik Navi Zindagi
Ek Nayee Zindagi, the Hindi language TV show and 'Ik Navi Zindagi' the Punjabi language TV show addresses social ills like addiction, anger, broken marriages etc. and it focuses on issues faced by people in their daily lives
Counselling Centre - Ek Nayee Zindagi / Ik Navi Zindagi
Ek Nayee Zindagi, the Hindi language TV show and 'Ik Navi Zindagi' the Punjabi language TV show addresses social ills like addiction, anger, broken marriages etc, focusing on issues faced by people in their daily lives and providing solutions that are lasting
Verse of the day
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

TV Shows

  • Ek Nayee Zindagi(Hindi)
  • Nireekshana(Telugu)
  • Samadhan(Bengali)
  • Ik Navi Zindagi(Punjabi)

Ek Nayee Zindagi Monday to Friday 6.30AM

Nireekshana every weekday except Thursday at 6.40 am

Future episodes coming up...
20th Apr'15
Who can redeem you from your debts?
Tajuddhin Masiha was devastated when his thriving business fell apart. The disappointments of his life took him in various dark directions until he found what it was to be an overcomer. Let’s meet Tajuddhin himself...
21st Apr'15
Who can free you from your addictions?
As a teenager Digbijoy was influenced by others to try new things in life. Smoking, drinking alcohol and flirting with girls became a regular habit. Though he seemed to enjoy those moments; he ended up feeling empty and unhappy. Did Digbijoy find true happiness and freedom?
22nd Apr'15
Do you feel like life has let you down?
Karana felt unloved and neglected at home. He entered into a relationship with a girl who, for the first time in his life, made him feel loved and accepted but when that ended suddenly, Karana found himself back where he started.
23rd Apr'15
Laziness makes a man poor!
Laziness is a big hindrance to many people these days. We want things to come easy for us. We often ask God to remove our problems and strongholds because they are too difficult for us to overcome.
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Samadhan Saturday at 6.30AM

Future episodes coming up...
4th Apr'15
How can you atone for your sins?
Animal Sacrifice was a common ritual to Achinto, but the sight of spilled blood never made sense to him. He began to seek the true way through which he could atone for his sins, and where did this quest for truth lead him?
11th Apr'15
Marriage Problems?
Shyam Biswas’ marriage with Tulasi was built on lies, abuse and violence. Unable to bear his torture she took a drastic step. What happened? Did Shyam seek forgiveness and reconcile with his wife? Was there hope of restoration? Let’s hear it from Shyam himself…
18th Apr'15
Who can take away your shame?
While returning home after watching a movie, Chinnalamma was abducted by an acquaintance. A series of events followed that made Chinnalamma to be shunned by her community. She was disowned, dishonored and put to shame...
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25th Apr'15
Do you know there is power in Prayer?
Sultana Naveen was born into a staunch Muslim family. But her mother trusted in the Lord Jesus and had strong faith in Him. Sultana grew up watching her devout Christian mother, go down on her knees and pray...

Ik Navi Zindagi Monday to Friday 12.30PM

Future episodes coming up...
20th Apr'15
Are your intentions right?
With the greed to earn lots of money, Dilawer Singh opened up an electrician shop. Though he was getting success in his business there was some empty space in his heart.
21st Apr'15
What's your dream?
Biju George a cricket coach employed under BCCI. Watch how cricket has been used as a medium to connect with young lives, in order to help them find meaning in their lives.
22nd Apr'15
Bad Habits?
Bobby Thomas was disliked by his neighbours because of his bad habits. Today his life is changed and he is leading a happy life. How did the change happen?
23rd Apr'15
Unexpected Situation?
Returning from a fun trip, Mary Suzan unexpectedly ended in the hospital. Discover the 11 days of her inspiring journey from the hospital to home.
24th Apr'15
Uncontrolled Anger?
A negative response from his wife triggered a small fight in the family. Find out how Tripati Patro and his wife rejoined after a major turmoil.
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Special Episodes to Watch on
Ek Nayee Zindagi / Ik Navi Zindagi

Watch a special feature on St. James Church, Delhi on 20th Apr’15 on ‘Ek Nayee Zindagi’ on
Sony TV at 6.30 am

Special Episodes to Watch on Nireekshana

Is there anyone who can redeem you from your debts? To find out watch ‘Nireekshana’ on 20th April’15 on Sakshi TV at 6.40 am.

Special Episodes to Watch on Samadhan

Do you know there is power in Prayer? To find out watch ‘Samadhan’ on 25th April’15 on
ETV Bangla at 6.30 am.

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