Nireekshana / Samadhan
Nireekshana' the Telugu language TV show and 'Samadhan' the Bengali language TV show addresses various issues faced by people in their daily lives
Counselling Centre - Nireekshana
The Counselling Centre is a place where people can call in, share what is on their minds and receive comfort, guidance & strength to face life in these times of high pressure. The Counselors are available to listen to stories of victory, joy, transformation, healing and thanksgiving.
Ek Nayee Zindagi / Ik Navi Zindagi
Ek Nayee Zindagi, the Hindi language TV show and 'Ik Navi Zindagi' the Punjabi language TV show addresses social ills like addiction, anger, broken marriages etc. and it focuses on issues faced by people in their daily lives
Counselling Centre - Ek Nayee Zindagi / Ik Navi Zindagi
Ek Nayee Zindagi, the Hindi language TV show and 'Ik Navi Zindagi' the Punjabi language TV show addresses social ills like addiction, anger, broken marriages etc, focusing on issues faced by people in their daily lives and providing solutions that are lasting
Verse of the day
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

TV Shows

  • Ek Nayee Zindagi(Hindi)
  • Nireekshana(Telugu)
  • Samadhan(Bengali)
  • Ik Navi Zindagi(Punjabi)

Ek Nayee Zindagi Monday to Friday 6.30AM

Nireekshana every weekday except Thursday at 6.40 am

Future episodes coming up...
18th May'15
Have You Lost Hope?
An enjoyable evening at a carnival turned into one of the darkest days for the Richardson’s family, when their little daughter was involved in a terrible accident on the giant wheel. Seeing her condition they knew she was beyond all hope, Dr. Richardson even envisioned her funeral;
19th May'15
Is Your Faith Dying For?
Manoj Pillay was an aggressive teenager. He soon formed a group to terrorize and persecute people. His intolerance was directed towards people who professed the Christian faith. But he found out that the very same Christians whom he tortured were the ones that lead him to find the peace...
20th May'15
What’s Your Response to Peer Pressure?
Peer Pressure takes different forms. You could be pressurized to dress in a certain way or to take up a certain habit. Jasmine Das had a father who was everything to her. He made her choices for her, told her what to do and what not ...
22nd May'15
Alcoholism and its Effect on the Family
Alcoholism is not just a habit; it is a disease that can destroy not only individuals but also families and the society at large. Vijay Kumar had a decent bank job. But he had to lose not just his job but also his health owing to his drinking habit.
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Samadhan Saturday at 6.30AM

Future episodes coming up...
9th May'15
Who can Deliver you from All Your Troubles?
Mishal and Meera had no peace in their household because of Mishal’s various addictions. To make matters worse, their youngest daughter had a troubled pregnancy and even after she delivered, her behavior was abnormal.
16th May'15
Are You Troubled by Debts?
Sanjeev Mishra was a man who was driven by one desire - to become rich at any cost. But life, however, doesn’t always work out the way you expect it to and Sanjeev found out the hard way. Let’s hear Sanjeev tell his story…
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23rd May'15
Have You Experienced Miracles in Your Life?
Do you believe miracles happen? Have you personally had miracles happen in your life? Let’s meet a young man called Ravikanth and hear his opinion on miracles. Why did his opinion change? Watch to see what happened in Ravikanth’s life…..
30th May'15
How do You React When People Reject You?
Mamja Naik’s personal decision had disastrous effects; the whole village began to reject him. He and his family were not even allowed to drink water from the village well. What was Mamja’s reaction to them? Let’s watch Mamja share his life experiences with us.

Ik Navi Zindagi Monday to Friday 12.30PM

Future episodes coming up...
18th May'15
Bikas Rai was abandoned because of his addictions. Let's discover who helped him to come out of his addictions?
19th May'15
Desire to serve?
Discover what inspired Dr. Ananthi Jebasingh, the founder of Good Samaritan School to open the school for the underprivileged.
20th May'15
Feeling hopeless?
What helped Shalom, a drug addict come out of his addictions and lead a peaceful life. Watch to find out the source of his hope.
21st May'15
What does it take to be successful?
Watch the inspiring story of Dr. T.K. Oommen a sociologist, author, educationist and Professor Emeritus at the Jawaharlal Nehru University.
22nd May'15
Everyone is unique!
Diversity prevails in the world for a reason. God has plans for each one of us. Watch and be inspired.
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